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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Real Last of the 1st Quarter Honorable Mentions

Drum Roll......

OK, the final, final Honorables:

Alex Wilson of North Carolina
Tracy S. Morris of Arkansas
Frank Dutkiewicz of Michigan
Scott A. Rolsen of Colorado
Derek J. Goodman of Wisconsin
Joan Savage of Canada

Some exciting news about a new judge in the contest. Stay tuned.
Best, Joni

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Actually...there were more Honorable Mentions!

Dear All,

I got a suprise box with more Honorable Mentions. These are not all of them but the people I've reached so far. I have e-mails and messages out to the rest. So please check your e-mails or phone message machines in case it is you so we can move on. Best, Joni

Honorable Mentions for the 1st Quarter:

Dal Jeanis of Texas
Jeff Soesbe of California
Alison Chan of Australia
David Roberson of Connecticut
Jordan Lapp of Canada
Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein of Oregon
Sara King of Alaska
Lisa Bao of Delaware
Mortique Cellar of Japan
Alan Roberts of Oregon

Congratulatins to you all! More tomorrow...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Honorable Mentions

Dear All,

OK, here are the last of the Honorable Mentions.

Tracy S. Morris of Arkansas
Laurel Amberdine of Illinois


Those who have not responded by now, we will not be posting your name as we must move on.

Tomorrow the blog will have several bits of exciting news about the contest, and other items of interest, so stay tuned! Best, Joni

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Honorable Mentions for Writers of the Future Contest

Dear All,

We are coming near the end of the Honorable Mentions for the 1st Quarter.
After this list, there are only 10 others whom I have not yet connected up with.
Here goes for today:

1st Quarter Honorable Mentions:

David Rafer of England
Arthur Dorrance of Pennsylvania
Al Onia of Canada
John A. Pitts of Washington
Z.S. Adani of Florida
Mike Page of New York
Rich Warren of Hawaii
Kelly A. Harmon of Maryland
KJ Kabza of Massachusetts
Matthew Bey of Texas
Christopher Lopez of Florida
John T. Biggs of Oklahoma
William T. Vandemark of Texas
Sarah A. Chrisman of Washington
Richard Ware of Maine
Rob Sharp of England
Roger Bourke White Jr. of Korea

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Illustrator Finalists and Semi-Finalists Announcement!

Here are the illustrator Finalists and Semi-Finalists for the 1st Quarter:


Eri Slocum of California
Nicolai Nickson of New York
Joey Jordan of Washington


Tobias Anson Fruge of Arizona
Anne R. Stone-Coyote of Oregon
James F. Smith of Florida
Todd Hebertson of Utah
Oleksandra Barysheva of New Jersey

Congratulations to you all!!!

Tomorrow - more Honorable Mentions for the Writers Contest

Monday, February 18, 2008

Drumroll Please...............

Tonight we have a few more of the Honorable Mentions, the Semi-Finalists and the Finalists:

First Quarter 2008 Writers of the Future Contest

Honorable Mentions are:

Michelle Muenzler from Texas
Randall Blandin from Virginia

All semi-finalists receive a critique for their story from coordinating judge K. D. Wentworth.

Semi-Finalists are:

Suanne Warr of North Carolina
Sam Taylor of Texas
Anne R. Stone-Coyote of Oregon
F.J. Bergmann of Wisconsin
J.C. Geiger of Oregon
Catherine Cheek of Arizona
Desmond Warzel of Pennsylvania
Dario Ciriello of California
Brenta Blevins of Virginia
Boris Layupan of Michigan


David Shaw of Illinois
Matthew Rotundo of Nebraska
Jason Fischer of Australia
Scott H. Andrews of Virginia
Gary Kloster of Minnesota
Fiona Lehn of Canada
Tina Connolly of Oregon
Geir Lanesskog of Washington

The finalists stories will now be sent out to 4 of our judges. There will be a first, second and third place winner from the list of finalists above.
This process takes 3 weeks to one month. Everyone will be notified immediately upon receiving the judges results.


The day after I'll have more Honorable Mentions from the
Writers contest.

Honorable Mentions

Dear All,

Here are more Honorable Mentions.

Tony Friedel Daley of Wisconsin
Chris Densborn of Illinois
Barbara Wright of Texas
Gregory J. Gunther of Michigan
Adrian Simmons of Oklahoma
Renee Stern of Washington

This afternoon I'll be posting the semi-finalists, so stay tuned!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

More Honorable Mentions for the 1st Quarter WOTF

Here are the next batch of Honorable Mentions for the 1st Quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest. It has been a lot of fun talking to you all. I think I'll do this more often (call on the phone instead of e-mail). The internet is convenient for all of us but there is nothing quite like live communication once in a while.

Congratulations to all of you!

Kate MacLeod of Minnesota
James Mastous of Ohio
Toms Kreicbergs of Connecticut
David Schibi of Missouri
Kyle H. Patrick of Texas
Chris Owens of Virginia
M.C. DeMarco of Massachusetts
Michael S. Hund of Pennsylvania
Alice Sabo of North Carolina
Randy P. Shea of North Carolina
Rose Lemberg of California
Barbara A. Barnett of New Jersey

K.D. promises the semi-finalists this week sometime and I'll post them immediately.

Best, Joni

The Next Set of Honorable Mentions - West Coast

It was too late to contact the East Coast HMs that came in today so I'll call those tomomrrow. Congratulations to all of you!

Brant Williams of Washington
Julie Frost of Utah
Michael Anthony of California
Suzanne Church of Ontario Canada
Shaun Farrell of California
Nicole Kelly of Washington
Markus Wilkinson of Utah
Robert M. Evans of California
Christopher Val Cook of Utah
Brennan Harvey of California
Michael Britton of Utah
Christina Crooks of Oregon
Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon of Michigan
Sharon Fisher of Washington
Robert J. Grieve of Washington
Paul Comstock of Iowa
Benjamin Hardin of Utah
C.S. Cole of Washington

Friday, February 15, 2008

More Honorable Mention Business

Dear All,

While making phone calls regarding Honorable Mention status I had a few people ask if they could still enter the contest. The answer is YES! You certainly can and are encouraged to. The only time you should quit entering this contest is when you have won. Something we tell our winners and contestants over and over is that you should use this contest as a deadline for yourself. Push yourself to get a story in (one story per quarter please) every quarter if you can but if that is too much for you, try every other quarter. The more you write the better you get. It is that simple.

More Honorable Mentions today:

David Lee of Virginia
Michael Wawrzycki of Louisiana
Tim Mulcahy of Minnesota
Paul Abbamondi of New Jersey

Congratulations to you all. There will be more Honorable Mentions in the days to come.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More Honorable Mentions

Here are more Honorable Mentions for the First Quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest. This is NOT the last of them. Congratulations to you all!

Charles Hightower of Alabama
Laurance Davis of Florida
Nick Aires of British Columbia
Kristin Janz of Massachusetts
Erin Hartshorn of Pennsylvania
Gary A. Oram, Jr. of Montana
Justin Whitney of California
Al Case of California
Mike Phillips of Michigan
K.M. Criddle of Massachusetts
Ken Altabef of New York
Maxx Randell of Canada
Joanna Farris of Indiana
Michelle D. Sonnier of Maryland
Eugene Myers of New York
Daniel Ausema of Colorado
Raine Sellers of Ohio
David DeGraff of New York
Michael A. Varela of Connecticut
Gary Eakman of Texas
Lou Antonelli of Texas
Mark Silcox of Oklahoma
Jessica Owen of Montana
W.R. Barnard of North Carolina
Elizabeth Gregory of Virginia

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First of the Honorable Mentions for the 1st Quarter

Dear All,

The initial judging results are coming back. Here is the first list of Honorable Mentions for the first quarter of the Writers of the Future Contest. I am contacting everyone by phone first. If your name is not on this list do not fret. This is only the first box of submission back from our coordinating judge. Some of you don't have phone numbers on your submissions, some of you I have not reached yet. So, here goes:

Jon Batson - North Carolina
Michele Cashmore - Australia
Annaliese Lemmon - Washington
Shaun Duke - California
L.E. Doggett - California
Ami Chopine - Utah
Christopher Donahue - Texas
Walter Williamson - New Mexico
Chris Zollner - California
Carl Roach - Oregon
Brad Torgersen - Utah
Michel Turcas - Michigan

Stay Tuned Later Today for the first feedback from 1st Quarter Results

Dear All,

The first box has come back from KD and I will have the first group of Semi-Finalists and Honorable Mentions and will announce them (when I've reached each person for OK to publish here on the blog). This will be late afternoon/early evening Los Angeles time. Stay tuned!!! Joni

Monday, February 11, 2008

News from a Judge and a Winner

Dear All,

Good news came my way this weekend so I'm passing it to you:

Contest coordinating judge K.D. Wentworth has a story in the March issue of Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazine called Exit Strategy. Check it out.

Any of you who are Hugo Award voters out there, please nominate the Patrick Rothfuss story Name of the Wind for this award, not the Campbell Award.

The story, Name of the Wind is not eligible for the Campbell Award because their rules don't allow previously published works (the shorter version of the story was his winning story in the WOTF 2002 edition). But, he IS eligible for the Hugo. So VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. Best, Joni

Thursday, February 7, 2008

All Writer Entrants - Heed This Advice!

Dear All,

Eric James Stone just sent me the following message. It would behoove you to read his story.

"My 24-hour story that I wrote during the 2005 WOTF workshop in Seattle is now available online in the latest issue of Jim Baen's Universe:


-- Eric

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

News from our Illustrator Grand Prize Winner from Volume XXI

Erik Valdez y Alanis completed the artwork for a graphic novel that was recently released. You can see it here. Congratulations Erik.


Monday, February 4, 2008

Ten Of You Got It Right!

Congratulations to all who had the correct answer to the question in the previous post.

All will receive the Writers of the Future volume of their choice!

The answer was:

The Sun God At Dawn, Rising from a Lotus Blossom by Andrea Kail. It is the second story in Volume XXIII.