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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Finalists for Illustrators of the Future Announced!

There are 5 countries represented here with our 8 finalists which just shows you how international this contest is.

Here are the finalists for the 4th quarter of the Illustrators of the Future Contest:

Jesse Phillips of Nederland Colorado

Kyle Phillips of Tolland, Connecticut

Dimitry Gromyko of Kiev, Ukraine

Todd Hebertson of West Jordan, Utah

William Ruhlig of Pretoria, South Africa

Martin Dimchev Terziev of Norwich, England

Gustavo Bollinger of Cordoba, Argentina

Ellis Driver of Greensboro, North Carolina

Congratulations to all of you. We will have the final results in around 2 weeks
from now. Good luck!! Joni

Stephen Kotowych Stories To Be Published in Greek and Russian!

Our Grand Prize winner this year, Stephen Kotowych will have his story; Borrowed Time published in an upcoming issue of the Greek Science Fiction magazine The Dramaturges of Yann and the Russian magazine Eslie!

Congratulations Stephen!! I'm sure these are the first of a long line of foreign titles for you. To check out more about Stephen go to http://kotowych.blogspot.com/


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you are all having a good Thanksgiving day. Perhaps writing a paragraph or two for your next story or putting those finishing touches on the art you are about to submit.

And don't forget to give some thanks to somebody today.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Past Winner News -- Keeps Coming In

We have good news from a past winner who continues to create and get his works out there.

Ken Scholes writer winner from Vol 21 sent us the following

"last, month, Tor Books made an offer (and I accepted) on my five book series, The Psalms of Isaak, through my agent, Jennifer Jackson. The series is a continuation of the story started in my short story, "Of Metal Men and Scarlet Thread and Dancing with the Sunrise," appearing in the August 2006 issue of Realms of Fantasy (this was my first pro-level sale after winning Writers of the Future.)

The first novel, Lamenation, will appear in hardcover in early 2009. the second, Candicle, will follow in late 2009.

I was a 2004 winner of the Writers of the Future contest and I credit my experience with WOTF as an important part of my career launch. Many of the workshop topics came to bear in the crafting of my novel and the experience of winning the contest was a real boost to my confidence and persistence as a writer. I think it's an important resource for anyone who wants to launch thier sf/f career! Thanks, Ken

Saturday, November 17, 2007

3rd Winner from the 3rd Quarter Illustrator Contest!

Our third and final winner from the 3rd Quarter is James Galindo of Palm Springs California.

War of the Roses


The Gunslinger

Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Next Featured Illustrator Winner from the 3rd Quarter

Dear All,

Today we feature the art of Ilya Shkipin of Fremont, California:

Blind Stranger


Sun City

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Winning Art from the 3rd Quarter

For the next 3 days we will feature our 3rd quarter illustrator winners art. My webmaster tells me that 3 images at a time is best, hence, 1 of our three winners will be featured today, tomorrow and Saturday.

Today we feature Sean Kibbe who is currently an art student at Purdue University.

The Birdhouse


Assassin Bot

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Semi-Finalists Announced

Dear All,

The Semi-Finalists for the 4th Quarter are:

S.E. Ward of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Steve Nagy of Ann Arbor, Michigan
Paul Abbomondi of Clifton, New Jersey
Tomas Martin of Wales, UK
J.M. Peltier of Salt Lake City, Utah
Katherine Shaw of Abridge, Pennsylvania
RM Kehrli of Bellingham, Washington
Gwen Veazey of Marganton, North Carolina
Lyn Battersby of Clarkson,Western Australia

Congratulations to all of you!!

If any of you would like a certificate, e-mail me at contests@authorservicesinc.com and I'll send one out to you.

Best, Joni

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

4th Quarter Writers of the Future Finalists Announced!

Dear All,

The 4th quarter Writers of the Future finalists have been determined and I am publishing the names here. I have attempted to contact each and have spoken to some of you and will no doubt talk to the rest of you before the week is out. Their stories will now be sent to the 4 final judges of this quarter and we will announce the winners mid-December latest.

(NOTE TO Finalists - feel free to spread the word of your status, however DO NOT mention the name of your story. The reason is: this contest is judged anonymous - the judges do not know whose story they are judging - it is based on merit alone - therefore you don't want to disqualify yourself after coming this far by doing something silly that would disqualify your story.)

Jeannette Cheney of Edmond, Oklahoma

Andy Spackman of Springville Utah

Nancy Fulda of Hofheim Germany

Erin Cashier of Boulder Creek California

Chris Owens of Richmond Virginia

Sonia Timms of Hamersley Australia

Brenta Blevins of Rural Retreat Virginia

Spencer Ellsworth of Bellingham Washington

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

3rd Quarter Writer Winners Announced!!

The judging is in and the winners have been determined and are as follows:

1st Place --- Ian McHugh of Hackett, Australia for his story Bitter Dreams

2nd Place --- Al Bogdan of Huntington Woods, Michigan for his story
The Girl Who Whispered Beauty

3rd Place --- Kim Gillett of Rochester, New York for her story
The Bird Reader's Granddaughter

Congratulations to you. You will be attending the workshop next year and the awards ceremony, and of course getting your prize money.

Per the judges this was a tough quarter. All the stories were well executed.
We look forward to your next entry if you were not a winner this time.

The judges this quarter were: Eric Kotani, Tim Powers, Robert J. Sawyer and Dave Wolverton

Best, Joni

Friday, November 2, 2007

Locus Magazine Reviews Writers of the Future XXIII

The following review just came out on Writers of the Future Volume XXII.


L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XXIII. Algis Budrys, ed. (Galaxy Press 978-1-59212-398-8, $7.99, 588 pp, pb) 2007.

The yearly Writers of the Future volumes present the winners of a quarterly contest for new SF writers. I have to admit I have not previously read any of these books. But a look at previous winners shows that the contest has unquestionably supported very promising writers: alumni from the first volume alone include Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Karen Joy Fowler, Dean Wesley Smith, and David Zindell. Later volumes introduced Caroline Ives Gilman, Howard V Hendrix, Martha Soukup, R. Garcia y Robertson, Mary Tursillo, and even Jo Beverly, now a best-selling romance writer, among others. More recently such writers as Jay Lake, Carl Frederick, and Jason Stoddard have appeared in these anthologies.

This year’s volume features a somewhat comfortable selection of writers in that a full half-dozen are familiar to me – in pretty much every case with solid work. (Contest rules allow submissions by writers whose publication credits are in small press venues.) And overall the stories are quite enjoyable. That said, in every case they are in some way flawed – there aren’t any potential Hugo winners here. The most distinguishing characteristic of these stories is that more often than not the central ideas quite arresting, even wild. Also, the prose is at least competent – none of these stories made me want to stop reading. Where they failed was in closing the deal. Either the resolution was flat, or the characters were in some way unbelievable, or the plot was a bit too routine. But in writing that I feel I am doing the book something of a disservice – I really enjoyed reading it, I think because there is a sense of freshness to things, a sense of writers trying new things – perhaps because they are new writers!

I’ll briefly mention some highlights. Andrea Kail’s “The Sun God at Dawn, Rising from a Lotus Blossom” is a series of letters from a recreated Tutankhamen to similarly recreated Abraham Lincoln – it gains its power from letting Tutankhamen grow up. Jeff Carlson’s “The Frozen Sky” is a tense adventure story set on Europa, where explorers encounter intelligent beings who seem to have no way to respond to strangers but by attacking them. Tony Pi’s “The Stone Cipher” has one of the wildest ideas: statues around the world begin to move, apparently in unison, but very slowly. The story is in the end an ecological message – but a bit too long and with not quite plausible leads. Another gloriously wild idea is at the center of Stephen Kotowych’s “Saturn in G Minor”: a great composer wants his final piece to be played using Saturn’s rings as the instrument. Again, the characters and their motivation didn’t quite convince me, and the plausibility of the idea was a bit of a stretch (though not horribly), but I was pleased by the audacity of the whole thing.

“Obsidian Shards”, by Aliette de Bodard, is an effective mystery set in Aztec times. “Ripping Carovella”, by Kim Zimring, does a good job making the impact of a rather vile new technology personal. The technology is “ripping”, by which unscrupulous people extract (destructively) the skills of artists for implantation in their own minds. Edward Sevcik’s “The Gas Drinkers” is a clever story of a rogue trapped by other rogues on a lunar surface – and then of ice-haulers on a dangerous on a dangerous asteroid. And John Burridge’s “Mask Glass Magic” is about an artist who is forced to seek a new position when her old shop is closed because of a crackdown on drug paraphernalia. Her new superior seems a remarkable artist of masks in particular – but he has a sinister secret.

All in all, this is a very fine showcase for some promising work by some promising new writers.

—Rich Horton