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Monday, September 29, 2008

3rd Quarter Illustrator Semi-Finalists and Finalists Announced!

Dear All,

Here are the semi-finalists and finalists for the
3rd Quarter of the Illustrator Contest:


April Ann Aldridge of Florida
Kennedy Cooke-Garza of Texas
Leo Dasso of North Carolina
Starla O. Friend of Texas
Jack Griffith of Tennessee
Todd Hebertson of Utah
Dayna Rusnak of Illinois
Nate Shaw of Virginia
Riki Takaoka of Colorado

All semi-finalists are being sent a
critique by our coordinating judge
Ron Lindahn


Douglas Bosley of Washington
Ryan Behrens of Washington
YaoJen Chang of California
Vera Gaskari of California
Evan Jensen of Texas
Kollin Strand of Illinois
Martin Dimchev Terziev of the United Kingdom

All finalists art will be sent to 4 of our judges
and 3 will be the winners of the 3rd quarter

Congratulations to you all!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Podcast of this year's winners now on-line. Check it out!

Dear All, The podcast featuring all the winners is now live: http://www.adventuresinscifipublishing.com/2008/09/aisfp-62-writers-and-illustrators-of-the-future/ It is also the feature story on the home page and in iTunes (or it will be once iTunes refreshes their page). Thanks again for inviting me. I hope the podcast helps new writers get excited about it. Best,-- Shaun Farrell Note from Joni - readers - please give me feedback on this.

Illustrator Finalists coming soon

Dear All,

Clarification.... the below are the Honorable Mentions for
Writers of the Future only. The illustrator finalists will be
announced sometime this week when I get the initial
judging back. So, stay tuned.

Best regards, Joni

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Final Honorable Mentions for the 3rd Quarter

Dear All,

OK, the last box has arrived and the following are the
last of the Honorable Mentions for the 3rd Quarter.
(see earlier postings for the Finalists and Semi-Finalists)

3rd Quarter Honorable Mentions

Paul Abbamondi of New Jersey
Lisa Bao of Delaware
Gustavo Bondoni of Argentina
Avery Cahill of Florida
Alison Chan of Massachusetts
Suzanne Church of Canada
Gwendolyn Clare of North Carolina
Lisa Janice Cohen of Massachusetts
Stephen D. Covey of Florida
Gary Cuba of South Carolina
Scott Dalrymple of New York
S.R. Dantzler of Florida
Laurance Davis of Florida
Richardo J. De La Cruz of Illinois
Shaun Duke of California
Nicole Duson of Texas
Adam Edgington of Iowa
Jason Fischer of Australia
Sara Genge of Spain
Warren Goodwin of New Jersey
Clifford T.A. Heseltine of Washington
David E. Hughes of Colorado
Matthew Herreshoff of Michigan
Deb Hoag of Arizona
John Kratman of Rhode Island
Christopher Lopez of Florida
Jason McMurray of New York
Alena McNamara of Minnesota
Kamila Miller of Washington
Jennifer Moody of Alaska
Thirii Myint of California
Adam Nakama of Massachussetts
Yusuf Ozuysal of California
Rebecca Inch Partridge of California
Eric Pierce of Michigan
Dave Raines of Oregon
B.J. Ranson of California
Nathanael H. Raun of Utah
Denni Schnapp of the United Kingdom
Adrian Simmons of Oklahoma
Daniel Smyth of Utah
Jeff Soesbe of California
C.M. Stuker of Texas
Amy Treadwell of Oklahoma
Scott Turner of California
Garth Upshaw of Oregon
LaShawn Wanak of Wisconsin
Mark Ward of the United Kingdom
Susan Watkins of Oregon
Matt Weber of New Jersey
Jeremy Yoder of South Dakota

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

More Honorable Mentions to come

Dear All,

There will be more Honorable Mentions posted
in the next few days. I'm waiting for that last box
to come back from K.D. and I'll then
announce the remaining Honorables.

Also, this week I'll be filling you in on other
good news from our winners, past and present.
So do stay tuned.

Best, Joni

Monday, September 15, 2008


Dear All,

OK, here we go:

The 3rd Quarter Semi-Finalists will get a critique
from our coordinating judge, K.D. Wentworth.

They are:

Vashti Bandy of Pennsylvania
Bill Beauviche of California
Mortique Cellar of Tokyo Japan
Christopher Cook of Utah
Rjan Khanna of New York
Anne Pinckard of California
Joyce Reynolds-Ward of Oregon
Alice Sabo of North Carolina
A.R. Stone of Oregon
Tracy Wilz of California

Congratulations to all of you.

Now, for the drumroll...................

The FINALISTS for the 3rd Quarter are:

Chris Azure of Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam
Peter Ball of Upper Mount Gravatt, Australia
C.L. Holland of Anglesey, United Kingdom
Jordan Lapp of Coquitlam, Canada
Robert Rhoden of South Carolina
Ayne Terceira of Rhode Island
Alex Wilson of North Carolina
Schon Zwakman of Minnesota

These 8 writers stories will be sent to 4 of our judges
and of the 8, 3 will be winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


Best, Joni

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Honorable Mentions - 2nd Set for the 3rd Quarter

Dear All,

Here you go. The Second (but not the last) set of
Honorable Mentions for the 3rd Quarter.

Congratulations to you all.

Angelina Adams from Texas
John Biggs from Oklahoma
T.A. Birkel from Indiana
Brenta Blevins from Virgina
Norma Boe from Minnesota
Dan Burkhard from Utah
Catherine Cheek from Arizona
Ami Chopine from Utah
Vonnie Winslow Crist from Maryland
Ricardo Delgado from California
John Derderian from California
Christopher Donahue from Texas
Linda Donahue from Texas
Marlene Dotterer from California
Darren Eggett from Utah
Lori E. Erickson from Indiana
Pat Esden from Vermont
Manny Frishberg from Washington
Julie Frost from Utah
Laurie Gailunas from Michigan
Robert Gissing from Ontario Canada
Charles Gladfelter from Pennsylvania
Amy Rosa from Arizona
Louise Herring-Jones from Alabama
Charles Hightower from Alabama
Michael S. Hund from Pennsylvania
Steve Husk from Virginia
Megan Kay Hutchins from Utah
Jaelithe Ingold from Pennsylvania
Rahul Kanakia from California
Alethea Kontis from Tennessee
David Korinetz from British Columbia Canada
Kristin Janz from Massachusetts
Clifford Royal Johns from Illinois
Geir Lanesskog from Washington
J.C. Mangold from New York
Corbin Maxwell from California
Muri McCage from Tennessee
Cheryl McCreary from South Carolina
D. Thomas Minton from Hawaii
Matthew Moore from Ontario Canada
David Neuburger from New York
Rick Novy from Arizona
Hank Quense from New Jersey
David Resch from Wisconsin
Graham Rinehart from North Carolina
Jens Rushing from Korea
Rodello Santos from New York
Janna Silverstein from Washington
David Simons from Massachusetts
Andy Spackman from Utah
Brad Torgersen from Utah
DeWayne Twitchell from Illinois
Michael Varela from Connecticut
Suanne Warr from North Carolina
Michael Wawrzycki from Louisiana
Donna Glee Williams from North Carolina