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Monday, September 29, 2008

3rd Quarter Illustrator Semi-Finalists and Finalists Announced!

Dear All,

Here are the semi-finalists and finalists for the
3rd Quarter of the Illustrator Contest:


April Ann Aldridge of Florida
Kennedy Cooke-Garza of Texas
Leo Dasso of North Carolina
Starla O. Friend of Texas
Jack Griffith of Tennessee
Todd Hebertson of Utah
Dayna Rusnak of Illinois
Nate Shaw of Virginia
Riki Takaoka of Colorado

All semi-finalists are being sent a
critique by our coordinating judge
Ron Lindahn


Douglas Bosley of Washington
Ryan Behrens of Washington
YaoJen Chang of California
Vera Gaskari of California
Evan Jensen of Texas
Kollin Strand of Illinois
Martin Dimchev Terziev of the United Kingdom

All finalists art will be sent to 4 of our judges
and 3 will be the winners of the 3rd quarter

Congratulations to you all!


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