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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Honorable Mentions - 2nd Set for the 3rd Quarter

Dear All,

Here you go. The Second (but not the last) set of
Honorable Mentions for the 3rd Quarter.

Congratulations to you all.

Angelina Adams from Texas
John Biggs from Oklahoma
T.A. Birkel from Indiana
Brenta Blevins from Virgina
Norma Boe from Minnesota
Dan Burkhard from Utah
Catherine Cheek from Arizona
Ami Chopine from Utah
Vonnie Winslow Crist from Maryland
Ricardo Delgado from California
John Derderian from California
Christopher Donahue from Texas
Linda Donahue from Texas
Marlene Dotterer from California
Darren Eggett from Utah
Lori E. Erickson from Indiana
Pat Esden from Vermont
Manny Frishberg from Washington
Julie Frost from Utah
Laurie Gailunas from Michigan
Robert Gissing from Ontario Canada
Charles Gladfelter from Pennsylvania
Amy Rosa from Arizona
Louise Herring-Jones from Alabama
Charles Hightower from Alabama
Michael S. Hund from Pennsylvania
Steve Husk from Virginia
Megan Kay Hutchins from Utah
Jaelithe Ingold from Pennsylvania
Rahul Kanakia from California
Alethea Kontis from Tennessee
David Korinetz from British Columbia Canada
Kristin Janz from Massachusetts
Clifford Royal Johns from Illinois
Geir Lanesskog from Washington
J.C. Mangold from New York
Corbin Maxwell from California
Muri McCage from Tennessee
Cheryl McCreary from South Carolina
D. Thomas Minton from Hawaii
Matthew Moore from Ontario Canada
David Neuburger from New York
Rick Novy from Arizona
Hank Quense from New Jersey
David Resch from Wisconsin
Graham Rinehart from North Carolina
Jens Rushing from Korea
Rodello Santos from New York
Janna Silverstein from Washington
David Simons from Massachusetts
Andy Spackman from Utah
Brad Torgersen from Utah
DeWayne Twitchell from Illinois
Michael Varela from Connecticut
Suanne Warr from North Carolina
Michael Wawrzycki from Louisiana
Donna Glee Williams from North Carolina


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