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Friday, May 16, 2008

More Honorable Mentions!

OK, here we go. This is the second to the last of
the Honorable Mention notices for this quarter.
Keep your cell phones on and lines free as I'll
be calling the semi-finalists and finalists this
weekend so that we can roll with the announcements
next week.

Honorable Mentions for the 2nd Quarter!

Laurel Amberdine of Illinois
Charles Albert Aston IV of Texas
Randall Blandin of Virginia
Louise Caroline Booth of the United Kindom
Ami Chopine of Utah
Geoffrey W. Cole of British Columbia, Canada
Russ Colson of Minnesota
Tina Connolly of Oregon
Simon Cooper of County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Tony Daley of Wisconsin
Linda Donahue of Texas
Ruthanna Emrys of Illinois
Warren Goodwin of New Jersey
Eric Penner Haury of Arizona
KJ Kabza of Massachusetts
Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon of Michigan
Michele Korri of Florida
Geir Lanesskog of Washington
Brian McClellan of Utah
Cheryl McCreary of South Carolina
Michael Merriam of Minnesota
Kevin Mickel of Massachusetts
Zachary Palmer of Michigan
Wendy Schukraft of Wisconsin
Ben Scott of the United Kingdom
Steven R. Southard of Maryland
Amy Treadwell of Oklahoma

Congratulations to all of you. We look
forward to your next entry! Best, Joni


  • At May 18, 2008 at 4:03 AM , Blogger 2write said...

    Hi again,

    Mailed my second attempt at the contest. Should reach you all in 4 weeks I guess.

    Again please excuse the SASE as I am unable to procure US Postage. I will be following your contest blog and website and will check there for results and updates. My email is mentioned here and in your newsletter’s subscription.

    Hoping a Western Sci-Fi is not too out of place among the contest entries. It was a good adventure and I didn’t want to loose the Old West life through hard science-fiction elements.

    Best Regards,
    Ujjwal Dey
    Bombay, INDIA


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