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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3rd Set of Honorable Mentions for the 2nd Quarter

OK, here we go:

Mark Andreas of Colorado
Stephanie Basalyga of Oregon
Alison Chan of ACT Australia
M.C. DeMarco of Massachusetts
Charles Ebert of North Carolina
Lyndsay Ely of New York
gwen.evolution from Tennessee (yes that is the name submitted)
Randy Farran of Oklahoma
Shaun Farrell of California
Sharon Fisher of Washington
Michael Garner of Colorado
Erin Hartshorn of Pennsylvania
David H. Hendrickson of Massachusetts
David E. Hughes of Colorado
Karrin Jackson of Oregon
Patrick James of Ohio
Simon Johansson of Sweden
David Kernot of South Australia
John F. Loonam Jr. of North Carolina
Kate MacLeod of Minnesota
Sean Markey of Utah
Tomas L. Martin of Wales, United Kingdom
Alastair Mayer of Colorado
Adam Nakama from Massachusetts
Andrea Phillips of New York
John A. Pitts of Washington
Carissa Reid of Washington
Trey Ruff of Georgia
Alice Sabo of North Carolina
David Schibi of Missouri
Hank Shore of Minnesota
Jeff Soesbe of California
Andy Spackman of Utah
D.I. Telbat of Montana
Sarah L. Tolcser of Louisiana
Nicholas Bede Stenner of British Columbia Canada
John Walters of Greece

Congratulations to you all! Looking forward to your next story. -- Joni


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