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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Big News from 2 Past Winners!!

Jeff Carlson (WOTF XXIII) sells third Plague novel to Ace

WOTF XXIII winner Jeff Carlson sold Mind Plague, sequel to last summer's Plague Year and the upcoming Plague War, to Anne Sowards at Ace via Donald Maass in a solid deal in five figures. The sale also activated a purchase clause in Carlson's contract with German publisher Piper Verlag, which secured Mind Plague for a mid five figure price, plus bestseller bonuses which, if attained, will double that advance.

Ace will publish Plague War in July, with Mind Plague set to follow in Summer 2009. Piper Verlag plans to release the nanotech Plague novels beginning in September as part of a special marketing campaign aiming to link phantastic and mainstream novels in order to widen the range for phantastic thrillers in both the mainstream and the science fiction/fantasy market, including advertising, special pages in Piper catalogues, and cross-promotion in genre and non-genre media.

Plague Year has also sold to Spanish publisher Minotauro. Audio rights went to Recorded Books and Audible.com, who will release Plague Year on CD and as a digital download in July.

About the Author
Jeff Carlson's short stories and nonfiction have appeared in a variety of top publications such as Boys' Life, L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future XXIII, Asivmov's Science Fiction and the upcoming Fast Forward 2 anthology. He is also collaborating with New York Times bestselling author David Brin on a new adventure series entitled Colony High. Readers can find free fiction, tour dates, contests and more at www.jverse.com.


Well, just to keep you up to date with the madcap high jinx that is
young Savile's life - the contracts are signed on The Cold War Kings, a
trilogy of Stargate SG-1 novels for Fandemonium/MGM and we're fine to
trumpet it from the rooftops now. The first book will be turned in in
July, and probably out around Christmas with the second and third to
follow pretty quickly (the entire trilogy out inside 12 months seems to
be the plan).

Which is great by itself, but add to that - I've just signed an
exclusive hardcover deal for two original crime novels with Full Moon
Press in the US, SNUFF and HATE MAIL.

I've got a limited edition hardcover coming from Dark Regions Press in
the US, a quality small press that has gathered a definitive collection
of my short fiction together into a single volume (and to which I have
added several unpublished stories).

And as if that wasn't enough I've agreed to write an original novel for
one of those massively multiplayer online games (which for secret
stealth reasons we can't name just yet) which is going to be phenomenal
release next year from Simon & Shuster.

And from the ridiculous to the sublime I have short fiction appearing in
the Simon & Shuster anthology Blood Lite, edited by none other than KJA,
in City Fantastic from DAW books edited by Jean Rabe and Marty
Greenberg, and in Worlds of Their Own from Piazo Publications, edited by
James Lowder.

So, as ever, it is safe to say the work ethic instilled by the workshop
lives on - this month my hardcover novel Shadow of the Jaguar (tied in
to the British genre show Primeval) hit the streets, as did Vampire
Wars, a 760 page fantasy epic set in Games Workshop's popular Warhammer
fantasy world, and last month my Torchwood audio novel was released by
BBC Books. Since the last time we spoke there's also been two new novels
in Spain and Russia and we've just sold rights for the Vampire Wars
books in to Piper Forlag in Germany.

I've also shifted agents, and am now with Paul S. Levine out in Venice,
CA., so we may well see more of each other... it's mad isn't it? I'm on
my 19th book sold since winning wotf five years ago... and by the time
wotf runs around in August I'll be over 20 because there is one very big
deal I am waiting to announce... wow, writing that down just kind of
boggles my mind.

You unleashed a monster!

Yr pal in sunny Sweden Steve Savile


  • At April 9, 2008 at 11:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    20 books in five years! WOW! (note the capitals) What kind of hours do you have to put in to be so productive?

  • At April 10, 2008 at 12:57 PM , Blogger Joey said...

    Wow that's great!

    See that's what people have to do with it when they win.... Just run with it and not let themselves get sucked back into any mundane ruts...

    -Joey Jordan

  • At April 10, 2008 at 11:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Well done Steve! Tell us about your working day could you?

  • At April 11, 2008 at 4:35 PM , Blogger Steven Savile said...

    Joni just dropped me a line to send my procrastinating backside over this way (see work displacement is a very very good thing ahem)... For anyone interested, zip Joni some questions and I will attempt to answer the most mundane stuff, and the interesting stuff, and pretty much everything in between.

    I'm happy to answer pretty much anything - apart from the secret handshake, you get that from Powers on the way out of the workshop.


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