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Monday, May 5, 2008

2nd Set of Honorable Mentions - 2nd Quarter

Dear All,

Just to clarify for everyone how the quarters work -- the second quarter started on the 1st of January and ended on the 31st of March. That is because way back in 1984 the contest started on the 1st of October, therefore the rest of the quarters followed and its been that way ever since.

With that said, on to the Honorable Mentions. Please note that we still
have results coming in. This is NOT the last of the Honorables. The
semi-finalists and finalists and winners are still in the process of being determined.

Drumroll please......... (the names are in alphabetical order)

Karen Azinger of Oregon
Jon Batson of North Carolina
Bill Beauviche of California
Matthew Bey of Wisconsin
Michael Britton of Utah
Catherine Cheek of Arizona
John Chu of Massachusetts
Lisa Cohen of Massachusetts
Willis Couvillier of Nevada
John Derderian of California
Den Dotson of Illinois
Michael L. Fortuna of Florida
Derek J. Goodman of Wisconsin
Erica Hildebrand of Pennsylvania
Sara King of Alaska
Alethia Kontis off Tennessee
Kevin V. Kvas of Ontario Canada
Alex Lorry of Iowa
Alex Dally MacFarlane of West Sussex England
Muri McCage of Tennessee
Sandra O'Dell of Washington
Jason Palmer of Arizona
Camille Picott of California
Joseph C. Romano of Pennsylvania
John M. Shade III of Texas
Olivia Shannon of Missouri
Adrian Simmons of Oklahoma
J.M. Tanenbaum of California
Kevin Timko of Florida
J.R. Tomlin of Oregon
Robert E. Waters of Maryland
Michael Wawrzycki of Louisiana
Donna Glee Williams of North Carolina

Congratulations to you all!


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