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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert Make Big Hollywood Deal

Writers of the Future judges Kevin J. Anderson and Brian Herbert
have new Dune news.

Kevin and Brian are now co-producers (along with several others)
of the new DUNE film.

Peter Berg will direct. Berg most recently directed Will Smith in
"Hancock" and his credits include The Kingdom and Friday Night Lights.

The producers are looking for a faithful adaptation of the Hugo and
Nebula Award-winning book.

John Harrison and Mike Messina are the Executive Producers.

Also, Brian and Kevin are pleased to announce a new deal with
Tor Books for three more Dune novels to follow Paul of Dune. These
novels -- Jessica of Dune, Irulan of Dune and Leto of Dune will also flesh
out and fill in the gaps in Frank Herbert's original three Dune novels.

The first book in this sequence, Paul of Dune, is in effect a direct
sequel to Dune, filling in much of the story of Paul's Jihad and will be
published this September. Jessica also fits mostly into this time period.
Irulan is a sequel to Dune Messiah, taking place after blind Paul has walked
off into the sand, leaving his empire in the hands of Alia. And Leto of Dune
takes place immediately after the end of Children of Dune, showcasing the
first years of the God Emperor's reign. (this latter novel is the story most
requested in the fan letters we receive).

These novels will be published every other year.


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