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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Finalists for Volume 23 announced

The following article just appeared in an NBC article on Andrea Kale, winner for WOTF 23.
Conan Staffer Honored

Congratulations to Andrea Kail, the script coordinator for "Late Night with Conan O’Brien". Kail was honored with a Writers of the Future award for her science fiction novelette, "The Sun God at Dawn, Rising from a Lotus Blossom". Kail’s story will compete for the Grand Prize award in August.

“If it weren’t for the Writers of the Future Contest, it would have taken much, much longer for my work to come to the attention of influential editors and agents,” Kail said. “I am a perfect example of why this contest was created.” Kail began writing fiction in 2004.

The Contest has helped more than 500 aspiring writers and illustrators to achieve their goals as a published writer or illustrator. Congratulations Andrea!

Here are the Finalists for Writers of the Future 23. As I noted yesterday, just by being able to claim that you are a finalist in the Writers of the Future will quite often result in your submissions coming out of the slush pile.

1st Quarter

Stephen Gaskell - Worthing, UK
Ian Creasey - Leeds, UK
Kim Ritchie - Bothell, WA
Katie Howenstine - Seattle, WA
Kris Dikeman - New York, NY

2nd Quarter

Joanne Steinwachs - Denver, CO
Benjamin Hardin - Provo, UT
Patrick Lundrigan - Boonton, NJ

3rd Quarter

Stephanie Basalyga - Beaverton, OR
Andrew Est - Ashburn, VA
Cat Rambo - Redmond, WA
Lael Salaets - Oakridge, OR
Adrian Simmons - Norman, OK

4th Quarter

Andrew Zimmerman Jones - Anderson, IN
Janna Silverstein - Seattle, WA
Laurel Amberdine - Glenview, IL
Ian McHugh - Hackett, ACT, Australia
Tristan Davenport - Santa Cruz, CA