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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Eugene winners get great newspaper article!

For a really great article on two of our recent winners to be published in WOTF 23, have a read of what Karen McCowan has to say from the Eugene Register-Guard. I had called her and mentioned that I wondered what it was about Eugene that resulted in so many contest winners. She also wondered, and, well, have a read for yourself and see what she came up with...

Eugene's bunch of Wordos continues to find success

By Karen McCowan
The Register-Guard

. . .

And - cue "Twilight Zone" theme - Eugene and Eugene?

Two local writers, John Burridge and Damon Kaswell, will receive awards, compete for a grand prize of $5,000 and have their short fiction published by Galaxy in this year's "Writers of the Future" anthology of fantasy, science fiction and horror stories.

"I saw that they were both from Eugene and thought, `There must be something in the water up there!' " Goodwin said.

You can click here to read the article in full: The Register-Guard

Damon Kaswell (left) and John Burridge have honed their science-fiction and fantasy writing as members of The Wordos, a local writers group.

Photo by
Wayne Eastburn
The Register-Guard


I received an email yesterday inquiring about the Contest finalists and realized that I hadn't posted these for all to know. I have spoken with several finalilsts, who by simply adding that they were a finalist in the Writers and Illustrators Contest, have had their work taken out of the slush pile by editors. So for the sake of our finalists and for the sake of the Editors who will want to know about them, I will be posting all finalists for volume 23 in tomorrow's post.

As a note, we are about a week or two away from determining any finalists who will be published in volume 23. So stay tuned and I will get this posted as soon as it is finalized.