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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Help Needed to Upgrade this Blog Look

I have received many great reports regarding the content of this site - the great photos, incredible artwork and wonderful successes of contest winners.

BUT --- there is one thing that I would really like some suggestions and help with and that is designing this blog so that it really looks like a Writers and Illustrators of the Future blog site, rather than a template I pulled up from blogger.com.

WITH SO MANY ILLUSTRATORS OF THE FUTURE WINNERS, I should think that I could get someone to help with a great template design and even some suggestions on upgrades to the blog that would make it even more the place to go to find out about the Contests and its judges and winners.

You can email me directly at pr@galaxypress.com with your ideas, suggestions, etc.

I have some great reports from ADASTRA convention this past weekend in Canada, and Steven Savile, who is doing incredibly well since winning the contest which will be posted in the next few days. Plus I have more art to post tomorrow.

But, with more and more people coming to this blog every week, I would like to do a rapid upgrade.




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