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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Art of Yuliya Kostyuk

Following are the winning illustrations of Yuliya Kostyuk of Kiev, Ukraine. The first illustration is titled "Successful Hunting."

The second illustration is titled "Chasing."

The third illustration is titled "Ensnaring."


Laura Diehl was an Illustrators of the Future winner for volume 20.

What am I doing these days?

Lots! I've been really working on the business side of illustration as of late. I'm now officially Laura Diehl Illustration, registered with all the applicable local people (clerk of the court, my town). I've most recently been working on another website redesign, and, of course, that huge post-card promo took a while to get together.

What's new?

Since I graduated with my BFA (almost a year ago, hard to believe!), I've been working primarily with small presses and self-published authors creating cover artwork for Fantasy and Sci-Fi books. I am also hard at work on a fantasy picture book, writing and illustrating my own story. We'll see where that goes!

What's been published?

Here's the list of what I've done from last January to present (to make things easier all of my images have titles that correspond to their applicable books):

- Dragon Moon Press , Alberta, Canada - Book Cover for Too Many Princes (2007) [small press]
- Danny Kelly , Glendora, CA - Book Cover for Book of Angels: The Fall (2007) [to be published]
- Luna Brillante Publications , Yosemite, FL - Book Cover for Just Like A Fairy Tale (2006) [small press]
- Destifire Entertainment , Northampton, PA - Book Cover for Time Warriors 4 (2006) [self-publishing author]
- Sfxfantasy, Singapore - Book Covers for: Dark Warriors , Lost in Another Realm , Warrior Girl , and A Warrior's Death (2006) [self-publishing author]
- Zumaya Publications , Austin, TX - Book Cover for A Knight's Wish (2006) [small press]
- Continuum New York , New York, NY - Book Cover for Phillip Pullman: Master
Storyteller (2006) [larger academic press]

I'm currently reading the manuscript for a story called Small Magics , to be published by Dragon Moon Press.

Thanks for the banner images. I'll most certainly put one up on my link page when I launch my newly re-designed site :)

Best, Laura --
Laura Diehl Laura Diehl Illustration


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