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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Second Set of Honorable Mentions for the 3rd Quarter

OK, we have more results in now from our coordinating
judge, K.D. Wentworth.

Our second set of Honorable Mentions for the Writers
of the Future Contest are:

Tom Abbott of Utah
Dave Anderson of Oregon
Scott Andrews of Virginia
Sharon Anielski of Michigan
Eric Bakutis of Maryland
Ellen Dawn Benefield of California
Steven Boe of California
Michael Britton of Utah
Kenneth Cassell of Utah
Mortique Cellar of Japan
Joshua Cole of Colorado
Sara Cotter of Arizona
Oliver Dale of Oklahoma
T.W. Fendley of Missouri
Chris Flippo of Arkansas
John Glover of Virginia
Rob Haines of Wales, United Kingdom
Jonathan Hansen of Minnesota
Karrin Jackson of Oregon
Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon of Michigan
Amanda Ligman of Washington
Christine Lucas of the country of Greece
Michelle Pang of Ontario, Canada
Joyce Reynolds-Ward of Oregon
Joseph Romano of Pennsylvania
Hilary Smith of California
Daniel Smyth of Utah
Renee Stern of Washington
A.W. Sullivan of Kentucky
LaShawn Wanak of Wisconsin
S.E. Ward of Oklahoma
Wendy Waring of New South Wales, Australia
Michael Wawrzycki of Louisiana
Ryan Williams of Washington
Alex Wilson of North Carolina
Chad Wilson of Arizona
Cliff Winnig of California

Congratulations to you all!

I will have more Honorable Mentions shortly and will then
announce the Semi-finalists and then the Finalists.

Best, Joni


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