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Monday, September 7, 2009

Winners & Judges at the 25th Anniversary Event

Here is a photo with all the winners and judges after the 25th Awards Ceremony (click on the image to enlarge it).

From left to right (front row): Doug Beason, Eric Kotani, Laura Brodian-Freas, Val Lakey-Lindahn, K. D. Wentworth, Rebecca Moesta, Jerry Pournelle, Stephen Hickman, Tim Powers.
From left to right (second row): Donald Mead, C. L. Holland, Fiona Lehn, Sean Williams, Mark Payton, Ron Lindahn, Oleksandara Barysheva (ILOF Grand Prize winner), Gunhild Jacobs (Vice President Author Services Inc.), John Goodwin (President Galaxy Press), Joni Labaqui (WOTF & ILOF Contest Director), Emery Huang (WOTF Grand Prize winner), Schon Zwakman, Kevin J. Anderson, Krista Hoeppner-Leahy, Dave Wolverton, Joshua Stewart, Robert J. Sawyer, Douglas Bosley, Matthew S. Rotundo, Heather McDougal.
From left to right (third row): Ryan Behrens, Luke Eidenschink, Brianne Hills, Gra Linnaea, Jamie Luhn, Aaron Anderson, Gary Kloster, Jordan Lapp, Evan Jensen, Mike Wood, Tobias A. Fruge.


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