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Monday, August 31, 2009

Day 3: Writers of the Future workshop

K. D. Wentworth and Tim Powers telling the students about the activities that are scheduled for the day, including a trip to the library, meeting a stranger and having a conversation with him/her and how this relates to the story they have to write after doing this.

All the new writers gather in front of the library. From left: Gary Kloster, Krista Hoeppner-Leahy, Matthew Rotundo, Heather McDougal, Donald Mead, Cheryl Holland, Emery Huang, Jordan Lapp, Gra Linnaea and Schon Zwakman.

After coming back from the library to do research Tim Powers discusses some final points with them before sending the group off to meet a stranger and strike up a conversation with them.

Fiona is having a lively conversation with this "stranger" who is getting less strange, the more she talks to her.

Gary is approaching the stranger with the big guitar, still figuring out what he should talk to him about.

Emery is having a lot of fun with his "stranger." This security guard was probably bored anyway and was happy to talk to somebody.

The four 1st place winners are doing their first radio interview! From left: Jordan Lapp, Emery Huang, Matthew Rotundo and Donald Mead.

Tim Powers has released them to go and write their story within 24 hours. Here are (from left to right): Cheryl Holland, Gra Linnaea and Heather McDougal.


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