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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 2: The Writers of the Future Workshop begins

The winners are getting a tour of Author Services which starts with the L. Ron Hubbard Fiction Library.

Joni tours the winners through the Writers of the Future hall which is packed with photos of previous awards ceremonies and books that were published by winners of the contest for the last 25 years.

Tim must think it is very funny, whatever it is that K. D. is explaining to the new writers.

Coordinating judge, K. D. Wentworth, with several of the winners, Krista Hoeppner, Mike Wood, Emery Huang, Cheryl Holland (who came all the way from Wales, GB) and Fiona Lehn.

Tim Powers is making a point.

Fiona, Krista and Mike listening attentively to the words of their instructors. Especially that key phrase from Tim Powers, "write this down, this is gold."

The writers receive the objects they will be using for the story they are going to write. They all seem genuinely happy about the objects they received. From bottom left, clockwise: Donald Mead, Jordan Lapp, Krista Hoeppner-Leahy, Gra Linnaea, Fiona Lehn and Matthew Rotundo (in the center).

The conclusion of Day 2. They learned a good deal and are in good spirits about starting Day 3 with the research they need to do, in order to write a story within 24 hours which will be critiqued by the other winners.


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