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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Thursday: Writers & Illustrators of the Future Workshop

On Thursday, 27 August, the workshop for the illustrators continued with Illustrators of the Future judges instructing the contest winners in various aspects of their trade while also covering the business side of being an illustrator.

The writers completed their 24-hour short story and returned at 5:00 pm each with a completed story in their hands. This was just enough time to get ready for the barbeque that was about to start.

Enjoy the photos!

Illustrators of the Future judge Vincent Di Fate talks to the illustrators.

Book cover artist and Illustrators of the Future judge, Cliff Nielsen gives tips to the winners about breaking into the business.

Illustrators of the Future judges, Cliff Nielsen, Vincent Di Fate, Ron Lindahn and Val Lakey Lindahn are critiquing illustrations from the portfolios of the illustrators.

The writers are gathering after having finished their short story which they wrote within 24 hours.

The barbecue is in full swing with judges, winners and guests.

Dave Wolverton (on the right) with writer Jordan Lapp (on the left) and illustrator Joshua Stewart (middle).

The Grand Prize winners Oleksandra and Emery (in the middle) with illustrator Ryan Behrens (left) and writer Schon Zwakman (right).

From left, Ron Lindahn, John Goodwin, Val Lakey Lindahn and Vincent Di Fate with two ladies who just arrived from XM/Sirius satellite radio to interview winners and judges about the contests.


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