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Friday, September 18, 2009

25th Anniversary Grand Prize Winners

The Grand Prize Winners of the 25th Annual Achievement Awards of Writers & Illustrators of the Future have been interviewed by XM/Sirius Satellite Radio and these interviews are now airing on XM/Sirius.

The schedule of the airings is:

Saturday, 19 September, 7 pm ET, 4 pm PT.

Monday, 21 September, 9 pm ET, 6 pm PT.

Wednesday, 22 September, 11 pm ET, 8 pm PT.

Friday, 23 September, 8 am ET, 5 am PT.

Saturday, 24 September, 7 pm ET, 4 pm PT.

Other contest winners as well as judges have also been interviewed and those interviews will be on the air as well during the above time. The channel is XM 163 and Sirius 117, Book Radio on the Maggie Linton Show.

Emery Huang, who lives in Orlando, Florida, receives the Writers of the Future Grand Prize from Dion Graham (stars in the TV series Law & Order) and K. D. Wentworth, coordinating judge of the Writers of the Future Contest.

Illustrators of the Future Grand Prize Winner, Oleksandra Barysheva receives her award from Ron Lindahn, coordinating judge for the Illustrators of the Future Contest and Sophia Milos (stars in CSI: Miami).

The Grand Prize Winners getting awarded each with a ride in a skyship as part of the World Sky Race by Don Hartsell, the commissioner and managing director of the World Air League.

Listen to them on satellite radio!


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