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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Semi-Finalists and Finalists for the Illustrators of the Future 4th Quarter Announced

The results are in for the 4th quarter Illustrator
semi-finalists and finalists. Drumroll....


Alessandra Briggs of Rhode Island
Nichole Fieger of New York
Lisa Grabenstetter of Maryland
Veronica Liwski of Nevada
Jamie Marcelle of Illinois
William Muchiri Mbuba of Kenya
Christopher Reach of New Jersey
Jeremy Sickels of Pennsylvania
Matthew Yale of Minnesota

All semi-finalists will receive a
critique from our coordinating judge,
Ron Lindahn

Congratulations to you all.

Now for the finalists:


April Aldridge of Florida
Aaron Capizzi of California
Alice Jingxuan Hu of Illinois
Steven "Ven" Locklear of Oregon
Nathan Mayfield of Ohio
M.O. Muriel of New York
Noah Norton of Wisconsin
Olivia Pelaez of New Jersey
James F. Smith of Florida

The finalist art will be sent to 4 of
our judges who will determine the 3
winners for this quarter.



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