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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Second Set of Honorable Mentions Announced!

Well, per the forum, many of you saw the press release before
I had a chance to update this blog. So, down to business.
Here is the second set of the Honorable Mentions for the
4th Quarter, in alphabetical order (by last name):

Paul Abbamondi from New Jersey
Russell Adams from New Jersey
Rigel Ailur from Pennsylvania
Brenda Anderson of Australia
Dave Anderson from Oregon
Brenna Asplund from Utah
Wayne Austin from South Australia
Aaron Bilodeau from Indiana
Louise Caroline Booth from England
Christian Carvajal from Washington
AnneMarie Buhl from Oregon
Avery Cahill from Florida
John Chu from Massachusetts
Renee Collins from Colorado
L. J. Daly from Pennsylvania
Ryan Paul DeCaria from Utah
M.C. DeMarco from Massachusetts
Christine M. Doering from New York
James Fitzsimmons from California
Katrina S. Forest from Pennsylvania
Rob Haines from Wales, United Kingdom
Brennan Harvey from California
Andrew Heard from Washington
Louise Herring-Jones from Alabama
Candace Hunter from Oregon
Erik Alexander Hill from California
Adam Israel from Ontario, Canada
Patty Jansen from New South Wales, Australia
Kristin Janz from Masachusetts
K.G. Jewell from Texas
Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon from Michigan
Christopher Kastensmidt from Brazil
Geir Lanesskog from Washington
William Ledbetter from Texas
Corry L. Lee from Washington
Christine Lucas from Greece
Gregg Marchese from Oregon
Kenneth W. Meade from Georgia
Jared Millet from Alabama
Jeremiah Monk from Illinois
Marjorie Montague from Oklahoma
Silvia Moreno-Garcia from Canada
Holly Mui from Missouri
Valerie Muller from Virginia
Rick Novy from Arizona
Kat Otis from Virginia
Michael Parker from New York
J.M. Peltier from Utah
Lori Phillips from Wisconsin
Shawna Reppert from Oregon
Zachary Ricks from Texas
Tom Rodgers from Texas
Julie Sea-Borne from England
Jerry Seeger from California
Mark Silcox from Oklahoma
Jeremy Sim from California
David Sklar from New Jersey
Daniel A. Smyth from Utah
Chris Tissell from Oregon
Pam L. Wallace from California
Tom L. Waters from New Mexico
Kathy Watts from California
William Wood from Virginia


Your certificates are already on the way to you.

I'm looking forward to your nextstory! (unless you've already sent it in)

Semi-finalists and Finalists announced tomorrow on this blog - before
a press release is sent!


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