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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

3rd Quarter Writer Winners Announced!

Dear All,

The results are IN.

I've copied the press release that is going out today or tomorrow below.
You will see ithere first as millions will see it later today or tomorrow


3RD Quarter Winners are from Three Countries


HOLLYWOOD – The 3rd Quarter winners of the 26th year of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest were announced today by Joni Labaqui, the contest Director.

The winners for this quarter are from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.


1st Place - Brent Knowles of Alberta, Canada
2nd Place - Adam Colston of Devon, United Kingdom
3rd Place - Brad Torgersen of Utah

They were chosen from a group of 8 finalists and are awarded cash prizes, a week long intensive workshop, an awards ceremony and are also published in the annual L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future. Brent, Adam and Brad will receive a cash prize for their win this quarter.

A Grand Prize winner is announced at the annual awards ceremony and is selected by another panel of judges. Brent Knowles will now compete with the other first place winners from the other quarters for the Grand Prize of $5,000.00.

Well-known contest judges include multiple Nebula and Hugo Award winners and finalists such as Kevin J. Anderson, Orson Scott Card, Anne McCaffrey, Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle, Tim Powers, Robert J. Sawyer, Robert Silverberg, Dave Wolverton, Sean Williams and K.D. Wentworth, to name a few.

“The chance of being published elsewhere in the publishing industry is much, much smaller,” Labaqui said. “Only three out of every 10,000 manuscripts submitted in the United States each year get published—1,800 are science fiction and fantasy novels—and most of them are written by established authors. This is one very effective way to get in the door for the newcomer.”


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