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Monday, February 19, 2007

Sean Williams wins Australia's Aurealis Award

Writers of the Future winner Sean Williams (WOTF 9) and now contest judge, sent in the following news regarding how he has been doing lately down Australia-way. You can see more on Sean at his website at http://www.seanwilliams.com/

My recent news is that my short story "The Seventh Letter" (published in
Australia's oldest and most prestigious short fiction market, The Bulletin)
won the Aurealis Award for Best SF Short Story of 2006. I was particularly
pleased because I've been concentrating on novels in recent years, and this
was the first short story I'd written since 2000. It was wonderful to
return to the form after such a long absence, and to be reminded of why I
loved it so much. It really took me back to the early 1990s, when I was
submitting to the Contest every quarter and hoping against hope that
something would get over the line.

At the time I wrote "The Seventh Letter", I also wrote another short story
for (fellow WOTF winner) Steve Savile's Dr Who anthology, due out later this
year. Fingers crossed it has the same kind of success. :-)

Apart from that, my news is all about books, book and more books. Good
stuff, but entirely too much to think about when I'm facing a tight
deadline. I'll report more soon, I promise.



I sent news of this blog to Ken Scholes (WOTF 21) who then wrote back after seeing it.

Thanks for sending this along. Please say "Howdy" to everyone down there for me. I will send up some news for the blog soon -- things have really taken off for me since winning the contest.



Luc Reid (WotF XIX and XX) here; I just found out about the new blog, and have been catching up on WotF-related news there. Great stuff! Andrea Kail mentioned it on our online writers' group, Codex ; Aliette de Bodard is also a member, as is Quarter IV finalist Laurel Amberdine, Diana Rowland from Writers of the Future XXII, and probably a couple of dozen other former WotFers, so Writers of the Future is something of a holy grail for many of our members who haven't already participated.

In case it's of interest, I thought I'd mention that my first book--a non-fiction book, actually--came out this past September from Writers Digest Books: Talk the Talk: The Slang of 65 American Subcultures . It's a dictionary of specialized slang (circus slang, SCUBA diving slang, parapsychology slang, pro wrestler slang, etc.) with brief introductions to each of the cultures it covers. It's been doing well in book stores, apparently, and has been the subject of an article in a Vermont newspaper and an entry on the widely-read blog BoingBoing.net .

I'm enjoying the blog and am looking forward to volume XXIII.

Best wishes,


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