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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Aliette de Bodard gets a magazine cover and Scott Nicholson comments on life after Writers of the Future

Well there is quite some good news on today's post.

First off, Aliette de Bodard (WOTF 23 to be published) sold a story to Andromeda Spaceways and the cover art is to her story. So well done to her. Its a beautiful cover and I'm anxious to read the story. Kudos to Andromeda Spaceways!!

I received a great write up from Scott Nicholson (WOTF XV) who has done incredibly well since winning the contest back in 1999. You can find out all about Scott at www.HauntedComputer.com. Below is what Scott looks like and below his photo is an overview of what has happened since winning the Writers of the Future Contest.

My career has been thriving since I was a Writers of
the Future winner in 1999, having been a published
finalist the year before. Those early sales were not
only important to my confidence as a writer, but I
also made some personal contacts that I still
maintain, and I've watched some of my "classmates"
also publish books.
Two years after winning the contest, I had my first
supernatural novel accepted. My sixth novel, They
Hunger, will be published in April. I've also sold
about 50 professional stories in science fiction,
fantasy, and horror since winning the contest, and
recently had a story accepted for The Year's Best
Fantasy & Horror.
The benefits of the contest were also intangible and
continue to be rewarding. At the moment, I am working
on an anthology for the Horror Writers Association
with best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson, whom I
first met at the Writers of the Future workshop and
who has been very helpful over the years. I consider
myself not only a fortunate to have been selected from
among the many talented new writers in the field, but
I also feel like I'm part of a great fellowship that
extends back into the contest's past and on into the
The contest is not just about great fiction; it's
about great people who share a belief that it's okay
to dream. -- Scott Nicholson

In doing some media research I happened upon a magazine I wasn't familiar with - but figured I should have been. So I checked it out. The publisher's name is Jason Sizemore. He is a great guy. And even greater is that he had already published some of the works of Steven Saville, a WOTF winner of a few years ago. With what he had to say about the contests, I even like him better now! You can also check out his site at www.apexdigest.com and check out his mag as you will be seeing more Writers of the Future winners there. And based on his comment once he saw the art work featured on this blog, very possibly some Illustrator of the Future winners as well!!

You guys do great work at WotF.

Ah yes, Savile is a great guy. We're publishing another one of your winners starting next issue, Geoffrey Girard.

The best services is to help the genre reading and writing community become more aware of Apex. Subscribers are great, so are folks who buy Apex from the chains. Hmm, advertisers are great too! :)


I will still be posting more artwork and Randall Ensley will be featured next. It's just that with all this great news coming in, I didn't want to short either posting.


There are lots of copies of Writers of the Future books in stores throughout the US and if you haven't read the book yet, all I can say is that you are missing out on some great reading!!!


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