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Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Art of Randall Ensley and a Great Article on Patrick Rothfus (WOTF 18) in Publishers Weekly

Before we get into more cool art, I was just reviewing my latest issue of Publishers Weekly and found this article on Patrick Rothfus, winner from WOTF 18 for his story "The Road to Levenshir." His novel, "The Name of the Wind" is the first of a three-part series. Anne McCaffrey read it and raved - I'm including her comments below the PW article. (Click here Publishers Weekly to see the story in PW.)


Thank God it says clearly on the front BOOK ONE because I want more of Rothfus' adventure as he clearly hasn't told us yet if Kote gets thru University and why Bast on another planet has the name of an Egyptian god. And lots of other little bits that need wrapping and which I am eagerly awaiting.
I wonder, for instance, if the Chandrian happen to use the draccus blue fire to their own end.
This is a MAGNIFICENT book, a really fine story, highly readable and very engrossing. I compliment young Pat ( not being condescending but I am older but rather envious that his first novel is a GREAT one.) His ideas are dependent on no other author for inspiration. I know he must be going on with this fabulous story and wish to encourage him.
Please thank Elizabeth Wolheim for sending me the ARC (advance reading copy) which I am plotting to send to someone else deserving enough to have this pre-publication.
Wow! He really deserved to win a WOTF Contest. Ciao now, A bemazed Annie.

Now, here is the art from winner Randall Ensley of Gales Ferry, CT. The first illustration is titled "Key of Pain."

The second piece is titled "Final Frontier."


Watch for tomorrow's post for the next illustrator winner along with some more incredible accomplishments from our contest's winners.


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