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Monday, March 24, 2008

Good News from Past Winners!

The good news continues to come in from past winners of the contest and their successes.

Diana Rowland (Volume XXII) writes:

"Just thought y'all might want to know that I just sold two urban fantasy novels to Bantam!"

John Brown (Volume XIII) writes:

I won first prize back in 1996 and was published in Volume 13 under the name Bo Griffin. Well, in February I got a very nice 3-book deal from Tor. More details on my website. www.JohnDBrown.com

While I lost my way for a few years as a writer, WOTF was a huge motivator and validator for me. That award trophy helped keep me going. In the end, the contest and workshop instructors helped open doors. Keep up the great work!

It's just another testament of how the contest helps new writers along--even if it takes a while."


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