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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Helpful Hints for Contestants

Dear All,

The 4th Quarter is soon ending (this Sunday) and the entries are pouring in. A few notes for you all: Make sure you send a separate "cover letter" that includes your name, full address, e-mail address and the name of your story.

Do not place your name anywhere on the first page (or any page) of the actual story, or your artwork (for illustrators).

Also, as a note, I am always looking for news of your successes. Send them in and they will be posted.

Best, Joni


  • At September 27, 2007 at 3:45 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Maybe this is not an entirely related question, but since the cover page has all the information and the room you're usually supposed to leave for typesetters' notes in standard manuscript format, I've been sending my submissions with the first page of the story starting immediately at the top of the page. Should the first page preferably look like a standard format first page (title in the center of the page and ~13 lines of text, I mean), with all the contact info deleted? Should it have a word count?

    My story already went in the mail today, but it would be good to know for the next quarter.

    Thanks for your reminder in any case.

  • At September 28, 2007 at 6:41 PM , Blogger Joni Labaqui said...

    Dear Anonymous,

    Yes, the first page of the story is just the story title and right into the text. The cover page has your name, address, e-mail, phone number and the name of your story.
    Hope this helps. Best, Joni


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