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Friday, September 14, 2007

More Good News from our Winners and Judges

Winner News:

Sarah Totton - WOTF XXII, wrote in to let us know that she sold a novelette, "The Stone Man" to Adromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Issue #33. This is in the Australian market.
Judge News:

Robert J. Sawyer - WOTF judge won China's top science-fiction award, the Galaxy Award (no relation to us) in the category "Most Popular Foreign Author of the Year". The award, voted on by Chinese readers, was presented at the Chengdu International Science Fiction and Fantasy Festival, the largest science-fiction conference ever held in China.

Part of Robert's acceptance speech was as follows: "the great thing about science fiction is that it transcends national boundaries. It's wonderful to be at a conference along with writers from the United States, England, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, New Zealand, and Canada. Science fiction really is the literature of Planet Earth."


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