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Friday, July 27, 2007

Winner News Keeps on Flooding In

Dear All,

The past/upcoming winner news and comments keep on pouring in and here are several for you:

Eric James Stone (WOTF XX & XXI), has just made his tenth professional fiction sale. Analog magazine accepted his short story The Ashes of His Fathers. This is Eric's third sale to Analog.

Eldar Zakirov from Uzbekistan (WOTF XXII), is now working as a designer of advertising and promotion in animation and 3D art. On the Internet you can find his work at http://dartheldarious.deviantart.com.

Melanie Tregonning (WOTF XII), "Things have been pretty good over here (she lives in Australia), I just bought a skeleton to study from (she is an illustrator).

The most significant moment for me from last year, was realizing pretty early on in the competition that I wasn't going to win (grand prize). The whole experience made it crystal clear just how much further I need to go, how much more I need to learn. But it also reminded me that the only thing really standing between me and that goal is a whole lot of hard work to make it happen."

Stay tuned tomorrow. Lots of photos and event information coming your way! - Joni


  • At August 14, 2007 at 4:08 AM , Blogger 2write said...

    This is cool .
    Too bad I could not benefit from the discounted books as Shipping to INDIA was too expensive.

    Someday I will see myself on these books - how is that for Fantasy Fiction, LOLZ.


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    Love and Regards,


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