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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hints for Illustrators Entering the Contest by Val Lakey Lindahn

We would like to see Original Ideas, Passion, and Detail

1. Original Idea. - We receive many illustrations with a hero fighting a Dragon, or a spaceship floating in space with some planets in the background. A knight fighting a dragon might be interesting but is hardly unique. A robot fighting a dragon on mud wrestling night at Gillie's Grill is interesting and original. The characters are interacting in an extraordinary environment. Tell us a new story.

2. Passion. - Believe in and get to know your characters. Think about every aspect of their life. Then you will know how they will react to every situation or environment. This will give your character real life passion and energy. It can help to listen to music that inspires you when you are imagining their world. Take notes about what motivates your characters and for that passion that drives them.

3. Detail. - Pay attention to detail. If you are illustrating a dragon or creature with wings, understand and study function. Look at how different kinds of wings are attached. A new planet may have a lower density and gravity. This will effect how the life forms, animals, and botanicals look. How would creatures adapt if they weigh only half of what they do on earth? Would they run faster, jump higher? What if life forms are not carbon based? Here is where your homework and imagination pay off!

Remember, this contest is designed to assist those who wish to become professional illustrators. A professional portrays an original idea, using passionate characters, with attention to the details.

Good Luck, and come back for more hints, Val


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