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Monday, June 11, 2007

2nd Quarter Illustrators of the Future Finalists and Semi-Finalists Announced

The 2nd Quarter Finalists and Semi-Finalists of the Illustrators of the Future
contest are as follows:


Robert Castillo of Jersey City, New Jersey
Brittany J. Jackson of Detroit, Michigan
Lawrence Keaty of Gambier, Ohio
Stephen Knox of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The above finalists art will now be sent to 4 of our judges who will determine the winners. The final results will be in a month from now.


Chantal Bennett of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
David Boyce of Dallas, Texas
Leo Dasso of Greensboro, North Carolina
Christina Pierce of Cambridge Springs, Pennsylvania
Heidi Thompson of Mt. Clemens, Michigan
Ryan Whalen of Queensbury, New York

Semi-finalists have a critique on the way (in the mail) from our coordinating judge, Ron Lindahn. We look forward to your next entry.


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