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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our Esteemed Judges - Did You Know?

For those of you fairly new to the contests, I thought you would enjoy the full list of our judges, past and present.

Current Writer Judges:

Kevin J. Anderson
Doug Beason
Gregory Benford
Algis Budrys
Brian Herbert
Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Eric Kotani
Anne McCaffrey
Larry Niven
Frederik Pohl
Jerry Pournelle
Tim Powers
Robert J. Sawyer
Orson Scott Card
K.D. Wentworth
Sean Williams
Dave Wolverton

Those whom have passed away:

Octavia Butler
Hal Clement
Frank Herbert
C.L. Moore
Andre Norton
Charles Sheffield
Theodore Sturegon
Jack Williamson
Roger Zelazny

Current Illustrator Judges

Edd Cartier
Vincent DiFate
Leo & Diane Dillon
Bob Eggleton
Frank Frazetta
Laura Brodian Freas
Stephen Hickman
Ron Lindahn
Val Lakey Lindahn
Judith Miller
Sergey Poyarkov
H.R. Van Dongen
Stephen Youll

Those whom have passed away:

Will Eisner
Frank Kelly Freas
Paul Lehr


  • At June 9, 2007 at 5:19 AM , Anonymous Randall Ensley said...

    These are the true masters of the genre. Regarding the illustrators, getting advice from the likes of them will be very meaningful and enlightening. (As you can tell, I am excited about the workshop!)


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