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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Volume 23 is coming together

Well I'm getting through all the stories now, reading them and seeing if there is any editing needed from the writers. I've read a few stories so far -- Aliette de Bodard, because she is our first French winner and I really wanted to read what she wrote, and Stephen Kotowych, because his manuscript was behind Aliette's when I finished hers. I'm almost done reading Jeff Carlson's story as the third one. Then it's on to the rest of the stories from the first three quarters. Hope to have them all read within the week. From this, I will write the front page come-on sections. From what I've read so far, volume 23 is going to be another great book.

The requests for bios should be to everyone now. So, if you haven't done so, get the bios sent in. You can always look at how we write the bios in existing volumes. If you are uncertain about what to send, just ask.

Had a great chat with Algis yesterday, going over what his essay would be about. We came up with some good ideas. Now to get all the research done so it can be written.

Kevin Anderson wrote a great essay that will be published. It's called "IF I ONLY HAD THE TIME." I'm sure you can imagine what it will be like. I can assure you that it is really clever method of making a very important point to a writer.

I got with Judy today and asked when the results would be out for the fourth quarter. She said the stories were out with the judges and she was hoping to the results in, hopefully as early as next week. I'll let you know as soon as she lets me know. (The winners will obviously receive their phone call from Joni Labaqui immediately - then I'll post.)

But while we're working to put volume 23 together, volume 22 continues to do well. I was just told that the book was #20 on the Bookscan SF best seller list this past week. So that's pretty exciting. Showing the Writers of the Future documentary in events around the US really makes a difference in getting people to want to read the book.

Well, I need to get back and finish Carlson's story, so I'll end off for now. But be sure to send me any news you may have for either of the contests! And spread the word about this blog and check it out daily -- I'm posting pretty much every day as there continues to be so much great news.


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