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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Illustrators of the Future at Coleman College

Miguel Rojas (2006 ILOF winner) and I had a great time yesterday doing a presentation on Illustrators of the Future at Coleman College. Dr. CJ Fuller, Associate Dean of the school, invited us to speak to her students. They are located in San Marcos, CA.

Miguel spoke about what the contest did for his confidence and resultant expanded career.
He now works for JINX designing gamer clothing. You can see some of his stuff at

I talked about how the book is a best seller and is a good indicator of how good they need to be to consider themselves professional - whether writing or illustrating. We also showed them the illustrator contest entries for the winners of volume 20 so they could see what others have submitted in the past.

We also showed the students the documentary of the workshop and awards ceremony done in Seattle. It went over really well and we were invited to come back to brief again at their main campus.

Overall it was a great trip.


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