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Thursday, January 24, 2008

And the 4th Quarter 2007 L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest Honorable Mentions Are.......

The names below are the Honorable Mentions for the 4th Quarter of the 2007 contest, in alphabetical order. (this is our first such post and we will do this every quarter now)

Lorraine Anderson (Michigan)
Paul Comstock (Idaho)
Robert Cutchin (New Hampshire)
Jason Fischer (Australia)
Laurie Gailunas (Michigan)
Abby Goldsmith (California)
Elana Gomel (California)
Nancy Greene (Virginia)
Tom Humphrey (Texas)
Eryn Huntington (Washington)
Simon Johansson (Sweden)
Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (Michigan)
Michael Keyton (United Kingdom)
Geir Lanesskog (Washington)
Jordan Lapp (Canada)
Gra Linnaea (Oregon)
Corbin Maxwell (California)
Muri McCage (Tennessee)
Meghan Muriel (California)
Lindlae Parish (Florida)
Jim Phillips (Minnesota)
Ben Ranson (California)
Scott Rolsen (Colorado)
Charles C. Spray, M.D. (Oregon)
Pat Stansberry (Ohio)
Chris Tuthill (Maine)
Nancy Wahler (Tennessee)
John Walters (Greece)
Matt Weber (New Jersey)
Alex Wilson (North Carolina)
Nick Wood (United Kingdom)

If your name was not on this list and you were an Honorable Mention, that means I have not heard back from you with your permission to publish your name. Do write to me at contests@authorservicesinc.com, let me know and I'll post your name in the second list.



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